Why buy a Twin Engine Air Commander Hovercraft vs a Single Engine Hovercraft? Most Air Commander Hovercrafts were built from 1995-2005. These machines are extremely durable and priced well in the used market. A twin engine provides better maneuverability, more power, and is safer then any single engine Hovercraft. By having separate lift and thrust systems these Hovercraft are able to operate at maximum efficiency and lower noise levels.

 A typical AC4 has a 65hp thrust engine and a 30 hp lift engine which generates a lot of power and maneuverability. With this kind of power you can travel long distances comfortably with a lot of equipment or passengers. Air Commander Hovercraft are great for hunting (ducks, water fowl), fishing, environmental work, providing rides and getting to those difficult places that have low water passage (mud flats, ponds, etc).

Hovercraft have the following Standard Equipment: • Rearview mirrors, Seat Cushions, Under seat storage • Marine Floatation, Handrails • Bilge pump, Safety tethered kill switch • Trim elevator • Separate skirt segments for all terrain use The AC3 is a fast and fun hovercraft and priced well when compared to a single engine Hovercraft. The AC4 model is a very comfortable and versatile 4 person craft, some of which were outfitted with rescue packages. The AC6 can not only go where others dare to tread, it can also accommodate 5 of your friends. Hovercraft Depot has used Air Commanders for sale and we are also the only Hovercraft supplier of Air Commander parts. 

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