We make skirts for all Hovercrafts: Custom made, Trans Aero, Hovercraft America HA5, Hover Jet, Hoverstar, Starship & RX 2000, Neoteric, Air Commander, Scat & Aero-Cruiser and more.  Call us for more information on specifications and pricing.  561-274-2247

Anti-Plow Device

 We are happy to announce the greatest thing since the hovercraft!

Our new Anti-Plow Device ends plow in! Guarantied! This bolt on device stops plow in before it begins.

Call for details

Fiberglass Ducts -  42" thrust ducts
    36" lift ducts are available too.

S&B Air Filters

We are happy to offer these high quality air filters at a great price. They are washable and will last for years. We offer sizes to fit most carburetors.

   They are 3" OD X 4" Long with a 2 1/8" opening

On Sale now for only $26.

     Oval air filters for Rotax twin water cooled and 503.

On Sale now for only $50

Hovercraft I /II & 12 Appearance Package

Spruce up your Scat and get ready for a fun season of Hovering. You will get the original factory designed Scat I / II Hovercraft decals and edge trim (goes over the skirts). Combine these normally retail for $160.75 but our special is $127.45. WOW that is a 21% savings. This package would really make a difference in how your Hovercraft appears. Scat 12 pricing slightly higher. Call if you have any questions. Hovercraft Depot 561-274-2247.

Tune up for your Scat Hovercraft

This package provides everything needed to tune up your Hovercraft engine and get out Hovering. The special includes spark plugs, air filter cleaner, air filter oil and a free fuel filter. This package is priced to give you an 18% savings over retail. Rotax 277 tune up specials are $26.45 and all others are $29.89-$37.45, call if you have any questions. Hovercraft Depot 561-274-2247.

Scat Hovercraft Safety Package

DON'T RISK YOUR SAFETY OUT ON THE WATER!!. Our safety package includes a floatation kit made from high quality closed cell foam which will not absorb water and resists bending upon impact. The floatation kit is custom cut to fit your Hovercraft and includes a free scupper valve or kit. This package is priced at over 20% below retail. Scat I is $294.00, Scat II is 258.38, Scat 12 is $356.68. Package includes correct valve system for each type of Hovercraft and instructions. Think safety, this is a great investment in yourself. Call if you have any questions. Hovercraft Depot 561-274-2247

CDI Module for Rotax with Ducati fits 618, 582, 503, 447 and others

Priced at $155.00. These new CDI modules fit Rotax engines with single or dual Ducati CDI systems. Direct bolt on replacement. These are high quality aftermarket units. We have been using these for years with no problems. Call if you have any questions. Hovercraft Depot 561-274-2247

SCAT I Drive Bearing Kit

Replace your old worn out seal and bearings!  Allows your fan to rotate with low friction and more efficiency.   This package consists of: 2 Bearings with Races, Grease Seal and cotter pin. Instructions included.  FREE SHIPPING !!    Don’t miss this great special – normally a $50.00 package on sale now for $30.00.