We have provided many on site services for over 25 years.  Some examples are:

-Hovercraft rental for movies, music videos, television productions and corporate events

-Unique construction inspections and government work requiring Hovercrafts

-Training for fire / rescue or sport useage

Locations we service often: Florida, California, Texas, Louisana, New York, Massachusetts, Minnesota and Michigan.  We provide a great quality service and are fully insured with excellent references. 

Repair, restoration, upgrades and preventative maintenance is now available for most Hovercraft at your location.

We provide unique Hovercraft and wind related solutions. For special needs such as corporate events, music videos, movies, television, construction or the "art of the possibility" in unique ecologically safe all terrain travel, contact us at info@hovercraftdepot.com or call 561-274-2247